Ask us how a blog can help you in your business.

What is a Blog?

Blog ImageThe easy definition for a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, which is informational in nature, usually done by one person or a group of people. The word "blog" was originally created from the word "web" and "log", later changing to blog, and a person who blogs is a blogger. It usually covers information, thoughts, ideas, experiences, tutorials, etc., about a particular topic. These articles or blogs are what a business or individual wants to relay to customers or potential customers. In other words, blogs help you build relationships with your customers. A blog is an important Search Engine Optimization feature, helping your Google rankings since Google puts a lot of value on content and building good relationships along with engaging with your customers.

What do Blogs Have in Common?

  1. A main content area withthe blog articles. The most recently published articles are listed first.
  2. Blogs usually have an archive for older articles, which you can get to by clicking on the subject in a menu, usually on the right or left side of the webpage.
  3. A comment area where people reading your blog can comment about the article, however, it is not necessary for people to comment.
  4. A list of links to other related sites, sometimes called a "blogroll."

If you would like to have a blog on your website, we can help you! We can even write the blog for you and post it as you desire! We just need the parameters of what you want and the frequency. We are providing a YouTube video that explains what a blog is in easy terms.